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dj allstar

about me

How it All Began

My love affair with music started in childhood when I got my first stereo with a turntable.

As a teenager I landed my dream job working at an electronics store, where DJ equipment was sold. At the job I spent any free time practicing and learning how to DJ. Eventually, I saved up enough money and purchased a pair of Technics 1200 turntables and a small battle board mixer. Every evening was now spent practicing.

In 1991, I headed off to Jacksonville University. I knew it would be impossible to transport turntables and records. So I started to make my move to the digital era and bought a Denon 2000F dual CD player. I continued to DJ from the comforts of my dorm room mostly with many of my friends present. One day another student was visiting the hall and asked me to come out and play at the campus radio station (WFIN 650AM). Soon after I procured a weekly show and eventually became the director of the Reggae/Soca division. While working at the station I met Sheldon Hanson, who shared my passion for music. Together we wanted to elevate the station to another level by switching over to FM. We started out by raising money and promoting ourselves by playing at various campus functions. In 1997, my final year at Jacksonville University, we had successfully secured a deal to convert the existing station (WFIN 650AM) to the new WFIN 107.9FM.

Upon my return to Bermuda, I was hired by a local nightclub (Oscar’s) as one of the house DJ’s. One of the biggest things I noticed while playing at the nightclub was that Bermudians were often three to six months behind when it came to urban music. So my dilemma was that I had tons of new music, but no one to play it for. So I decided to start a music distribution service for DJ’s and radio stations called Allstar Remix/Urban Flavas. Through this venture I was able to get new music circulated island wide.

After a few years of being a nightclub DJ I moved to mobile DJing and have never looked back!!!

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